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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I Am Reading...

Dido, a slave on a Jamaican sugar plantation, runs away to join Henry Morgan’s privateer fleet and find the treasure that will allow her to buy her family’s freedom. What she doesn’t bargain on is falling in love with El Negro, a pirate captain with no particular yen for a long-lasting relationship. As Morgan sails the Spanish Main, sacking first, El Puerto del Principe in Cuba, and then the great city of Porto Bello in Panama, Dido becomes a valued member of El Negro’s crew.
After the ships return to Jamaica, Dido thinks she will never see the pirate captain again but he comes to her rescue when she is in peril. They flee deep into the Blue Mountains but El Negro knows he will never be safe on the island. Together, Dido and her pirate, head back out to sea to find a place where they can live and love in freedom.

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