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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taupe Tastic Celebs

A few post ago I confessed my newest color obsession and now I see Taupe every where.  It's like when your friend gets a new car and honestly, you never ever noticed this car before.  But now you see it on the road every single day. 

Today, I jumped over to for no particular reason and the first picture to come up was a 15-year old Chole Moretz in a nude dress with a larger than her nude purse to die for.  Who is Chole Moretz you ask.  Don't worry I had to look her up too.  Chole is the young actress in Kick Ass, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Hugo.  She is in the newest crop of young Hollywood. 

At fifteen I was not into purses.  Something this big would have to be my school bag stuffed to the gills with books (not school books) and notes I was passing in class.  I love this bag and as soon as I do a little research on who made it, how much and if I can get it at TJMAxx, I am all over it!  Love the look.   

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