My Little Pocketbooks: Color Love #1   

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Color Love #1

I am in love with this color by so many names.  Taupe, Cappuccino, Light Brown, Oatmeal, Cafe Au Lait, Nude.  I have been slightly obsessed over this color for a few months now.  I have about 2 pairs of shoes in Taupe and my toes are currently taupe.   I'm looking for the perfect taupe purse (of course) and I just had my office walls painted this color last week.  
This color is so perfect it complements every color on the planet.  Just think a pair of Taupey shoes with a red dress or a pair of jeans with a black blazer.  Too cute!!  
It's clean without being glaring white and most of all it's warm.  Don't you just get that warm fuzzy feeling when you see this color? 
I am declaring this my Spring Color.  
Check out my "Taupe Tastic" board on pinterest.

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