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Monday, February 6, 2012

Review:The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours: The Poetry of Jill Scott

The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours: The Poetry of Jill Scott  
Author: Jill Scott  
Genre: Poetry
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press 
Release Date:  April 1st 2005  
Hardcover: 144 pages

Source:  Purchased at Barnes and Nobles Bookstore (I think)
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Book Description
Jill Scott's first-ever poetry collection delivers the same earthy, personal, and tell-it-like-it-is voice that fans have grown to know and love. Writing poems and keeping journals since 1991, she shares her personal poetry collection in The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours. Praised for her honestly erotic, soulful and very real lyrics, Jill Scott uncovers the beauty in healing, the comfort of family, and the stunning vitality of life.
I have had this book since the week it came out.  Yes, since 2005.  I am a huge Jill Scott fan and wanted to have the book for that reason solely.  Over the years, the book has sat on my bookshelf when I lived at home.  And now it started collecting dust from my apartment bookshelf.  So it was a perfect book for me to read as part of my 2012 Dusty Bookshelf Reading Challenges.  
After reading this book, I remembered why I love Jill Scott.  She has a clear, distinct voice and view that can encompass my life experiences and others as well as giving a view into a life I have no idea about.  Jill Scott writes about love not in the heavenly, perfect movie way but in the real life hurt and pain of it all.  Love, life, men, sex and mama are her main topics in this book.  As I was reading it a few things happened.  One, I felt like I was reading her college notebook full of young Jill Scott and second I could hear her reading it in her voice with pauses, inflections and all.  It was like meeting Jill Scott before she became "THE" Jill Scott.  I also loved reading the beginning of poems that later became songs that I love.
I am not really into poetry and can not really tell you another poetry book that I have picked up and read cover to cover.  But I liked this book and hopefully I will get to meet her and have her sign this not so dusty copy. 
Pocket Size #3
Just because you've loved and lost don't mean stop lovin'
If you have a nightmare,
Does it mean you stop dreaming? - Jill Scott (page 48)
I recommend this book to adults only due to the sexual nature.
This book is number 2 in my 2012 Dusty Bookshelf Challenge
This book is number 4 in my 2012 Good Reads Challenge
This book is number 4 in my 2012 TBR Reading Pile
This book is number 2 in my POC Reading Challenge

Did you read this book?  What did you think of it?

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