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Friday, May 1, 2015

Blog Ahead & Go!

Hosted by Anna @Herding Cats and Burning

Today is the start of the coolest blog event EVER!  Blog Ahead!  And just like it says we are going to schedule blog post ahead of time to give ourselves a bit of breathing room. 
Right now I have 9 post scheduled and 8 in draft.  My goal is to get 14 additional blog post completed and scheduled. 

That will be 3 book reviews, 1 mini review, 4 Cover Characteristic memes, 2 P.O.C post, and 1 6 Degree of Separation post, 3 What I Am  I would love to have June's D.O.T.S. review linky in draft form along with 2 reviews as well. 
So on May 14th my "After" Picture will be Draft (9) and Scheduled (23).
"Before" picture below.  
And away we go......

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