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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Blogging Shortcuts

I thought I would try a new meme here at My Little Pocketbooks. So I went over to Girlxoxo Mater List of Meme and picked this one for today. It's called Tell me Something Tuesday and you can find it over at Rainy Day Ramblings
Every Tuesday there is a new topic to talk about for the following Tuesday.

This Tuesday's Topic is

What are some simple shortcuts you have learned to make blog posting faster? 

My Answer

I have used a few things to help make blogging easier and faster.  
1.  Stickies
On Mac computers there is this program called stickies and it looks like stickies on your window.  
Here is a picture of my desktop with my stickies open.  There are stickies for the html code for my book reviews, my grab button for the reading challenge, and reminders how to reduce a PDF file size.  It is so much easier to use stickies because you don't have to use a program, wait for it to load and start up.  The stickies are quick to load and you can open them when you need them.  Easy!

2.  Keeping a calendar.
I swear by it.  Having a calendar of what to blog about when makes everything so easy.  I have a notebook with a monthly calendar and notes for blog post in there.
3.  Knowing your Hot Keys
Not sure if this would apply for non-Mac users but Mac computers have hot keys or short cuts.  If you  know them then you can type faster by not taking your hands off your keyboard. 
These are Godsends that I can't live without.  The hot keys are the best!!  I even took the picture of my desktop using hot keys.  Shift + Command + 4 makes your cursor into a camera.  Viola!  Never took my hands off the computer to do it.  There are so many of them too that I would never be able to use or remember them all.  

What are some tools/tricks you use to make blogging easier?

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