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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: My Man Pendleton

My Man Pendleton
Author: Elizabeth Bevarly
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Avon Books
Release Date:  June 30, 2011
Ebook: 388 pages
Source: Free from iBooks

Book Description

Pendleton couldn't believe his ears. He'd taken this new job hoping to make money, not marry into it! But if runaway heiress Kit McClellan didn't agree to enter into wedded bliss soon, the entire family fortune could be willed to the homeless pets of Louisville. Someone had to find Kit and bring her back as his finace--and his boss was telling Pendleton he was just the man for the job.


I have finally completed this book. YEAH!!! It was on my DNF list from 2013 and that was simply because it was an E-book on my iphone. I always have a book on my iphone just in case I get stuck somewhere without a book. My Man Pendleton was a free e-book that sounded like a cute super light read to pass the time. And it did not miss the mark. A light kinda funny romantic read is delivered in all of its cuteness.
Pendleton is just another one of the guys papa pulls into the company with the sole intention of getting his daughter married off. After he paid of her previous fiancé to hit the road, Kitt’s mother put it in her will no one gets a dime of her millions until Kitt is married. And yes there is a deadline. In comes Pendleton to sweep her off her feet. Well kinda! If Kitt was that kind of woman and if he was that kind of man.
This story is cute and predicable down the last word. The e-book has a few format and grammar issues here and there but nothing you need to pull out your red pen over. I know it is meant to be light, kin of funny and an easy read but can I get a bit of substance? Pendleton is perfect and he says right thing at the right time. Now what man can do that? He needs some real backwards man cave-ness to him that would make the drama and conflicts worth it. Kitt is the only one with issues? Really? Why her? Can’t see be the sane one every so often who makes normal and good decisions not based on past hurt feelings. I’m just saying the end is just to perfect and right and I just need a bit more than that to give it more stars. This book would fall in the quick summer beach reads for sure.

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I recommend this book to older teens due to mention of sex and one non-detailed sex act.


 This book is number 54 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge
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