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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Delight: Trying my Best

Happy Sunday everyone!  How was your week?  Anything good, great and amazing going on?  
I know maybe a month ago I said I was BACKK!!!  And you would start seeing more regular post from me.  I tried to make that happen.  I really did.  But there just was a PERFECT storm of activity in my life.  First, lack of motivation.  Yep!  I was not as motivated as I thought I was.  
Go figure.  Not the first time and more than likely not the last time.  
Second, I had my computer die an ugly death (as far as computers go).  
No nothing caught on fire.  There was no ambulance involved.  But I did take my computer to the tech hospital more than once.  ARGH! I'm stressed just remembering it.  Well, the end result was/is the new laptop I am tying this post on.  Yep!  I had to lay my old faithful to rest after 6 long and strong years together.  I am hoping the tech guy will be able to fix her so I can use her at home and the new one can be the work and travel laptop.  
Third and last one, I was busy!  I was just so busy I couldn't find time to sit down and blog like I wanted to.  Much less visit other blogs and read as much as I wanted to.  
So now I have a new laptop.  That means time to sit down and a blogging challenge called Blog Ahead (Hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup) to help me get my mo-jo back. 

Here and Now

Time: 4:00 am
Drinking: Hot Citrus and Lemon Grass Tea with Honey
Eating: Nothing yet.  Thinking about dinner
 Listening To: Brand New Heavies Radio on Pandora
Watching: I haven't been to the movies in awhile and my honey watches only ESPN at home.  So nothing here too.

My Bookish Stuff

 Reading: Aloha Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini
Listening To: Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepard
 Next Read:  Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Up Coming Review: The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl

My Favorite Blog Post from Me

Diversity on the Shelf 2014: November Review Link-Up
Playing Catch Up

Favorite Book Blogging Events and Links

Here are a few things I ran across this week from other book bloggers and just around the blogiverse.   Some of these are old but I want to share them with you (and so I can clean out my SAVED folder.)  Click on the buttons to check out the events as well.

Check out this post about reading diversely by S. Krishna 

Reading Challenges are going up for 2015 on Novel Challenges
Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon 


Sign Ups are Open for:
Black Friday Book Bonanza
Write On Review-a-Thon 
What interesting and exciting post have you run across lately?

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