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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer 2014 Bloggiesta: Goals
Yeah!  My most favorite Blogging Event is happening THIS WEEEKKKEENNNDD!!
Calendar is cleared!  Kinda!!
Snacks are bought!
Honey has been notified!  (Even though it's his b-day weekend!)
I am on Bloggiesta Time!  OLÉ!!
And this is the first time I DON'T have a few million things I want to do on both of my blogs. Work has been a bit slower and I used that time to get caught up on a few things.  This means I will be spending time hosting a mini-challenge, visiting other participants, Tweeting, and joining all the Bloggiesta activities more!  OLÉ!
(Click the banner to sign up)
If you have a ton of things to do to get your blog on point, perfect and presentable sign up.  That's what Bloggiesta is all about!

My Goals

Mocha Girls Read website
1.  Add new book of the month to Library page.
2.  Add the past 3 months of Newsletters to Newsletter page.
3.  Fix Ad Space Widget
4.  Add new TEAM member to "OUR TEAM" page
5.  Add new TEAM member's contact info to CONTACT page
6.  Figure out what happened to DISQUS and try and add it back to the site.  If anyone knows how to fix this, let me know.
7.  Prep 2 post.
Worked on August Book Club newsletter
My Little Pocketbooks blog
1.  Update Library and Challenge pages
3.  Create post for August's D.O.T.S. reading challenge
4.  Complete one week of post.
5.  Clean up Feedly by removing 100 out of 300 blogs. (again)
6.  Finish as many book reviews as possible.  (I have 4 full reviews and 1 mini review to do)
7.  Update Goodreads and Audible reviews.

In my head I can do all of this in two days.  One day for one site and one day for the other.  Not the whole day, so that will leave me time to comment on other blogs, Twitter chat and do as many mini-challenges as possible.  Of course, it never fails but when I visit other bloggers and see their amazing "To Do" list I always end of adding a few more things to mine.  (Or slapping my forehead for not thinking of it first.)

What is on you blog maintenance to do list?

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