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Monday, May 5, 2014

A Small Break

Hi all!
If you have stopped by here and noticed a few things are not happening... it's because I am taking a small break from blogging.  I wasn't planning on it and just realized it was happening.   Lately, I have been crazy busy with a few small things.  I am a scheduler and when things get off my regular schedule then the whole world seems to fall apart.  That is why I am taking this week and maybe next week to get things back on track. 
I know you are dying to know what has thrown a wrench into my perfectly planned life (LOL!)

Here are of my few wrenches
1.  Tired.  I just want to sleep more and more.  That is just a sign that I need to get my Vitamin D up.  So I am going to CVS tonight to stock up.
2.  Work.  Things were crazy but now things are slowing down.  wheww!
3.  A bit of reader burn out.  I am trying not to let it slow me down but too many books that are just ok have made reading not fun (at the moment)
4.  A New MAN-FRIEND!!!!! (I'm too old to use Boyfriend)
Yes.  I have a new beau ya'll and we have been out, spending time getting to know each other and just having fun together.  
Friday Night at the George Clinton Funk Fest Concert
 Holly cow!  I just realized I need to tell him I am blogging about him.  Hmm!  Now that's an interesting post topic.  When should I tell him about the blog?  When can I start blogging about him?  
Anyways,  (back on topic) I will sit myself down this Saturday and try to get caught up on stuff.  I promise.  Until then keep the pages turning!!

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