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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BEA14: Making Plans

Yep!  It's that time of the year again to get myself to NEWW YORK CITY!!!
I have been busy with work, book club and life that I almost forgot to buy my plan ticket.  No really! I almost forgot.  The downside of forgetting is I am paying a bit (50%) more than when I should have bought it.  Oh well!  Live and learn.  
So far I have been slowwly getting myself ready and yes getting ready for BEA is a process.
1.  Register for BEA (Wednesday through Sunday) - DONE!
2.  Plane ticket to NYC - DONE!
3.  Hotel reservation at my favorite place - DONE!
4.  Clean out a section of the house for all the new books - Not yet
5.  Buy cute walking shoes - Not yet
6.  Find 3 roommates - Work in Progress.
By the way, if you are reading this and are planning on going to BEA14 (and you are female or a really hot centerfold type male) let me know if you are looking for a roommate.  I have a few spots open right now.  

7.  Planning and RSVP for after parties - Not yet
8.  Set up meeting with publishing company reps - Not yet
9.  Tell my boss I'm leaving for a week - Not yet but I will Monday

See, told you there are things to do.  And I didn't even put pack on there.
If you are going to BEA for the first time check out this link below.  She helped me with my first year (last year) and I love the tips.

List of tips, tricks and just great advice for everyone attending BEA and other big book conventions.

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