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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Delight: Never Enough Time

Last week, I was whining about Daylight Saving Time kicking my butt. Now that I have had a few days to think about it, I have a new solution about it. Honestly, it has nothing to do with an hour coming or going. I just have to much to do and there is not enough time. PERIOD! If I could function on 4 hours of sleep a day then I still would not have enough time. I think I would blog during the night when you all are sleep and that would only free up a few hours a week. I might read and that would get me ahead by two or three books a month. Hmm! From 8 to 4. Nope. I love sleep way to much. WAY TOOO MUCCH!!

Here and Now

Time: 1:32 pm (Saturday)
Drinking: Jasmine Green Tea with honey
Eating: Nothing
Listening To: Baby Boy Radio on Pandora. I made this station years ago based on the song Baby Boy by Beyoncé.
Watching: I have watched two episodes of +Resurrection so far and I am slight losing my love for it. The first episode was great. Number 2 was so-so. But then I saw the preview for tonight's episode and I am not as thrilled with it as I was before. But I will watch it and I think I will start the book The Returned next week as well.
I have also been watching a lot of make-up videos on +YouTube . I don't have much experience and these people (male and female) are doing some magic that I just have to learn. Watch this video. This is the one that started my newest addiction to make-up videos.  Simply amazing!  I love this video so much!

My Bookish Stuff

Reading: Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston by Valerie Boyd
(Still reading this. It's my book club selection for the month and it's a chunkster)
Listening To: This weekend I have been listening to a bunch of short stories from Mostly the free stuff they offer members. Nothing is standing out yet. I have a few more to go then I will be jumping onto a book from my Incomplete Series list.
The Returned by Jason Mott

Next Read: I know I said last Sunday I would read Very Valentine and Bravo Valentine by Adriana Trigiani next but I was left a comment mentioning there is a book after those two. Say what?! So no I am not starting a new series. Not happening! I thought it was just those two in the series and I have both of them here at the house. So nope, I will have to find something else to read then.
Up coming review: Siddhartha by Herman Hesse


Weight: Still!!!! not in the mood to find out.
Days Worked Out: 3 days (Shoulder is feeling better. :))

My Favorite Blog Post from Me

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Favorite Book Blogging Events and Links

Book Blogging Events and Links This section is all about the things I have found around the Internet that I thought you might be interested in too. Some are post from other bloggers, events they are hosting or just an interesting article I read.

Affordable Spring Handbags
+The Socialite's Closet I love Micheal Kors. He has really made great leaps and bounds into the mainstream mark and I love him for that!

5 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Your Blog
@The Book Wheel I never heard of PicMonkey and now I have to find out more about it. New hip graphics is always a plus.

My Blog Graphics/Looks: Be Real, I need your help
+Blkosiner's Book Blog is asking for your thoughts on her blog.

Blog Tours… Yay or Nay?
@The Starry Eyed Revue. I say not so much! Lord there are just way tooo many. OVERKILL!!!

Gabrielle's 5 BEA Tips for 2014
@The Irish Banana. Yep! It's that time to get ready for BEA14. I have paid for my registration and I am plan ticket shopping. Then hotel. I want to fly into JFK this time cause the travel from Newark was a mess.

Sh*t Like This Makes My Head Hurt
@Buckling Bookshelves After reading this post my comment was turning into a blog post so I will be doing a post about this as well. Great post! Please read!!!

Book Bloggish Events

Click on the buttons to read more about each one.


What interest blog post have you come across this week? Any cool bookish events?

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