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Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Guilt By Association

Guilt by Association
Author: Marcia Clark 
Series: A Rachel Knight Novel
Genre: Legal Thriller 
Publisher:  Hachette Audio
Release Date: April 20, 2011
Audiobook: 9 hours and 49 minutes
Narrator: January LaVoy

Source: Free from e-library

Book Description

Los Angeles D.A. Rachel Knight is a tenacious, wise-cracking, and fiercely intelligent prosecutor in the city's most elite division. When her colleague, Jake, is found dead at a grisly crime scene, Rachel is shaken to the core. She must take over his toughest case: the assault of a young woman from a prominent family.


I read this book solely for work.  I didn't know Marcia Clark was an author and I had no idea what her books were about.  I am glad I HAD to read this book.  
The story starts off with a fast pace and the murder/ suicide of Jake along side a teen boy prostitute.  The LA District Attorney Rachel Knight is horrified to find her friend dead and in such a bad circumstance that she sets off the find the truth despite being taken off the case.  With the help of Detective Bailey and a very unlikely "Shot caller", Rachel scours Los Angeles to get the bottom of a case that hits close to home. 
I thought this book had a very, very, very same ol' detective/cop storyline.  There was nothing new in this sense but since I have not read many books set here in Los Angeles it was pretty cool to read about current restaurants, neighborhoods and hotels.  I thought it was so oddly interesting the number of places the characters go to.  I think Marcia Clark might be a foodie.  There were so many references to food that I got hungry once.  Ok three times!  Most books don't have characters eating all their meals on paper. The authors I have read don't care and push the story along to get the next point.  It was like Marcia Clark knew each character personally and was connected to each one.  She had to feed them.  All the Time!  
The narrator, January LAVoy did a good job of reading Rachel's voice and giving Luis "The Shot Caller" a heavy Spanish voice.  She did a variety of voices without going over board.  
Overall the story was a bit predictable and a bit "all lose ends tied up" for me.  I think she could have stepped outside the box more and tried to come up with a new take on the crime thriller and fewer characters to follow.  It was just a good easy read. 

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I recommend this book to teens and older due to the mention of rape and criminal activity.


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