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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bloggiesta Spring 2014: My Progress (Day 1)
Today was a great start to my Bloggiesta to do list.  I got over half of the things I needed to work on done.  Mocha Girls Read book club blog is done completely.  (For now) I just have 5 more things to do for this blog and I think I can knock out half  one or two of those tomorrow. I think I will do a day of mini-challenges on Suunday.  The topics look like something I need to research and get more into. 

Bloggiesta Progress

- Visited and left comments on 20 blogs.

Mocha Girls Read website
1.  Add new Book of the Month to Widget
2.  Add new Newsletter to side bar and Newsletter page.
3.  Remove old read-a-long widget
4.  Remove old ads
5.  Prep May nomination and voting post 
 I also:
Updated the Wordpress Plug-ins
My Little Pocketbooks blog
1.  Update Widgets in the side bar
2.  Update Library and Challenge pages
3.  Create post for April's D.O.T.S. reading challenge
4.  Complete one week of post.
5.  Clean up Feedly by removing 100 out of 300 blogs.
6.  Visit other blogs.
7.  If time permits finish as many book reviews and mini reviews as possible.

It is not to late to join in.  Click here the START banner above to go to the Bloggiesta website.
How are you doing on your Bloggiesta goals?

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