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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Love This! Timestitcher

$20.00 from Timestitcher at
 Like I mentioned awhile ago, Etsy one of my newest favorite places to do some purse window shopping.  While I still love the big name designer bags, I will always have a need to have a purse that is one of a kind and a conversation piece.  I love having one thing with my outfit that stands out.  
Today, I was window shopping over at Etsy and I ran across my newest favorite shop.  

Welcome to Timestitcher.
I am a Spoonflower fabric addict and a geek at heart. Eventually this shop may grow to include more serious costume pieces but right now I've having a great time with whimsical aprons, hot pads, and most recently, the Thirty-One skirt purse covers.
If you have any questions, or would like to see something new in my shop, just let me know. I can take custom orders as well so feel free to message me.

Thanks for visiting! - Laura Proctor (shop owner)
Other pattern options
There are so many great patterns to pick from and the price is really great too!  Take a minute and hop over to Timestitcher and check out the Dr. Who purses.  Click the images to visit the shop.

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