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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quicky Review #9: Letter from Birmingham Jail

I have one new audiobook I want to review that isn't really going to count toward any of my reading challenges since it is really short. Here are a few sentences on this short (about 2 hours or less) story. I have other quicky reviews for you to check out too.  Don't fret there will be more.  I like short stories because they are FREE and I can get in and out of one in no time. 
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Letter from Birmingham Jail
Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Mission Audio
Audiobook: 51 minutes
Narrator: Dion Graham 
Source: Free from
Buy the Book: Amazon
Book Description
April 16th, the year is 1963. Birmingham, Alabama, has had a spring of nonviolent protests known as the Birmingham Campaign, seeking to draw attention to the segregation against blacks by the city government and downtown retailers. The organizers longed to create a nonviolent tension so severe that the powers that be would be forced to address the rampant racism head on. Recently arrested was Martin Luther King, Jr....
It is there in that jail cell that he writes this letter; on the margins of a newspaper he pens this defense of nonviolence against segregation. His accusers, though many, in this case were not the white racist leaders or retailers he protested against, but eight black men who saw him as "other" and as too extreme. To them and to the world he defended the notion that "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

My Thoughts
Amazing!  This is 100% perfect.  The writing.  Perfect!  The narrator. Perfect.  I would not change a thing about this audiobook.  This is one of those that EVERYONE who is human must listen to every 10 years of their life.  Dr. King understood more than anyone else that the fate of one matters to us all.  We rise and we fall together.  Such a beautifully written letter.

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