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Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Love This! Michael Kors

There are sooo many reasons to love Michael Kors.  So many!  Not just because of this Large Studded Tote but what about all the great stuff of his at my favorite store TJMaxx.  There you can find so many great purses, shoes, dresses and other items by Michael Kors and you can afford them.  Love That!  Really do!  I am not sure if I will find this bag at TJMaxx anytime soon.  But if and when I know...that I know...I will blog about it!  LOL!
Look at the other one for all the silver lovers out there.
I have been carrying a big bag around for a few months now.  It has pros and cons but this one is AMAZING!  I could totally rock this.  Click the images to go to the shop.

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