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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fitness Friday #5: Trainer

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Welcome to the second week of Fitness Friday. Where I (and you) put down our books and talk about our fitness goals. As well as other fitness stuff!
What is Fitness Friday?
If you blog and/or have a Facebook Page about health/fitness, want to learn more about diet, exercise, nutrition, setting goals or if you just want to meet new people and find new health and fitness focused blogs, then join me for Fitness Friday!
FF has been great way to meet new friends and find new health and fitness blogs.
This week I want to introduce you all to some one who has helped me 100% along my healthy girl journey.  Say hello to my trainer...Chris!
I know you all are thinking.."Oh la la....a trainer."  "Figures she has a trainer!"  And my answer to all of that is "Hell yeah!"  
I was paying 24 Hour Fitness $30.00 a month for 5 years and only walked in about 4 times total.  One was to sign up and one was to cancel my membership.
I know I have motivation and discipline issues.  I know that!  I would not have been over 200lbs if I didn't.  After a friend/co-worker talked me into getting a membership at LA Fitness I didn't have any plans on workout AT ALL!!!  She talked me into the $29.99 a month plan and it happened again.  I never went. 
Basically, I needed something and/or someone to help me Help Me!  So I got a trainer.
That is why trainers are GREAT! 
And Chris is the best.  

Why is Chris or a trainer a great tool/ support system for weight loss?

1.  What to do?  When I would walk into a gym I was overwhelmed by all the stuff.  I didn't really know what to do.  How long to do it.  And what was my purpose in doing it.  I just jumped on the treadmill until I was tired and went home.  BORING!  A trainer gives you a game plan to help you do the most effective things in the gym to reach your goal.
2.  Technique.  In the pictures you see Chris showing me the proper way to use a machine.  I had a hard time in the beginning because I was not "feeling it".  I would do something 100 times and nothing would happen.  No soreness, no strength increase, no stamina increase.  NOTHING!  Chris teaches me which muscles I am working on, how to breath and how to get to the burn from a machine.

3.  Accountability.  A really good trainer holds you accountable for everything.  Food intake before and after a work out.  Not just working out but when to give your body rest.  But the most important thing have a reason to go to the gym.  You are paying for a trainer to meet you there.  Don't be late.  Chris and I have a standing appt. Monday and Thursdays (and some Tuesdays) at 7pm for one hour.  No matter what.  Yes I was with Chris on Valentine's Day!  LOL!

4.  Changing it up.  One thing I love about working out with Chris is the constant change in the workout.  I really have no idea what we will be doing and that has produced results.  My endurance is so much better.  After 7 months, I can handle ALMOST anything Chris throws at me now.  ALMOST anything!
 5.  Q&A.  As my journey in this healthy girl state goes along I have questions about food, exercise, diet (yucky word), protein shakes, supplements, shoes, injuries, you name it.  Chris has answers!  I love that!  Sometimes that is worth all the money I pay. 

6.  Understanding.  It helps to have someone put you on the path they have walked down.  Chris was a big boy back in the day.  (But he played football so it was ok)  He knows what this journey I am on is all about.  To be honest I wanted a female trainer so she could have that sympathy for me when I am not in the mood.  But that would have not turned out well at all.  It's like a doctor basically.  Find the one that understands you.

Chris' Tip for everyone trying to lose weight
When you are working out on a machine, jump rope or do jumping jacks after a rep to keep your heart rate up.  Here is a quick video of Chris doing a power set (more than one exercise). 

As you go toward your healthy goal(s), who do you have supporting you along the way?  If you have any questions for Chris leave them in the comment section below.


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