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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Casting Couch #3

As a part of my new blog resolutions, I decided to add a new monthly post called "The Casting Couch".  The Casting Couch is my monthly post were I will be "fun" casting a few of the books I have reviewed this month.  This is only my dream cast and or possible cast and has nothing to do with the actual actors that were cast in the movie versions.  I just wanted to let you know who I was seeing in my head as I was reading a few of these books. Click on the actors name to read their resumes. 

So have a seat on the couch and let the actors show you their stuff...
The Shoemaker's Wife
Characters:  Enza a practical beauty, and Ciro, a strapping mountain boy, who meet as teenagers.
Caterina Murnio
I have to tell you I had a hard time casting this book.  I wanted real Italin actors and I don't know any so I pictured searched mostly.  She has the look I think would be perfect for Enza.
 Gabriel Garko
Again, I have no idea about his acting ability or if he is REALLY Italian I just like the look of him.  *giggle* 

Silver Sparrow
(Review | Amazon)
Characters: Dana the teenage illegitimate daughter who knows of the other family.  Chaurisse is the real teen daughter of James and Laverne.  James Witherspoon a middle-aged African American man who has two families.
  China Anne McClain
I had a hard time picturing the perfect actress since I am not familiar with the under 20 crowd.  But when I saw her picture I know she was the perfect one.
Teala Dunn
 I think she would work a good Chaurisse because she looks like her mama works at a Beauty Salon.  
 Courtney B. Vance
OMG!  He is the exact image I pictured in my head for the role of James but with a gut. 

Did you read these books?  Who would you cast in the main roles?   

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