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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bloggiesta 2013: Progress & Challenges

Goals for Bloggiesta 2013!
1. Write all outstanding reviews. I think I have 1 review and 3 Quicky Reviews to do.
2. Fix my About Me page. I have no idea what is going on with that page
3. Reply to comments for the month of March.
4. Make a Word template for post I do on a regular.
5. Create a video for my Monthly Wrap Up post. This one I am getting help from Michaniya@ Bookmarked for Later
6. Calendar my post for the month of April, May, June and July.
7. Clean up my Google Reader Feedly. There are to many blogs on there that are not blogging anymore.
8. Update my sidebar for the month of April. This is the last thing to do.
9. Comment, enter, chat all things #bloggiesta
10. Fix font on Library page.

March 2013 Bloggiesta Mini Challenges 
Google Reader Replacement Options: In light of the announcement that we are losing Google Reader soon, Jenn from The Picky Girl has listed some options for her mini challenge. (@picky_girl)

I completed this challege and I think Feedly is going to be my one and only replacement.  I just forgot to add one thing to my post.  When you install it in your browser (like Firefox) there is a small translucent box in the lower right hand side.  Click it and what ever page you are on can be added to your Feedly reader, Facebook or Twitter. 

Getting to Know You: Join Suey from It’s All About Books in discovering one new blogger to connect with during this Bloggiesta event. (@SueySays)

I am going to post an interview with a blogger for this one. 

How is your Bloggiesta going so far?

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