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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitness Friday #3: My First 5k

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Welcome to the second week of Fitness Friday.  Where I (and you) put down our books and talk about our fitness goals.  As well as other fitness stuff!
 What is Fitness Friday?
If you blog and/or have a Facebook Page about health/fitness, want to learn more about diet, exercise, nutrition, setting goals or if you just want to meet new people and find new health and fitness focused blogs, then join me for Fitness Friday!
FF has been great way to meet new friends and find new health and fitness blogs.
 I did it! This Saturday I did it!
Whoot!  Whoot!
*happy dance*
I ran the Color Run (The Happiest 5K on the Planet) in Los Angeles, CA in 30 minutes.  Here is the colorful course I ran.  And I have to say that it was not that bad.

Things I learned since running my first 5K
1.  Drink water before the race
2.  Pee before the race 
3.  Get to the race 2 hours not 1 hour before the race starts
4.  Stretch after the race.
5.  Drink water after the race.
6.  Train outside not just on a treadmill.

I think if I had done these things then I would have not woken up with lower back pain the following morning.  Nothing to serious!  Nothing my chiropractor couldn't fix.  LOL!

Right now I am looking for another 5K to join.  I think I will wait a bit and do one in May.  That way I can get myself together.  LOL!
Don't laugh at the socks!

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