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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon 2013: Mini-Challenges

Over at Alexa Loves Books and Kate's Tales of Books and Bands...It's Mini-Challenge time for Book Blogger Love-A-Thon! 
I love doing these challenges cause it makes me think in a creative way of figuring things out.
3-4 A.M. 
Mini Challenge #1! It's time for the first mini-challenge (and your first chance to win an awesome prize!). Since it's a bit early on in the day, we'll make it easy for you. Here's how it will work: There are four categories - best reviews, best book discussion posts, best blog design/layout and best random category (which you get to make up!). Your post should go live at 3 A.M. with 3-5 favorite blogs for each of these categories. 
Here are the blogs I pick for the 4 categories.  Only did one or two each

Best Reviews 
As well as:  Jade @Sort of Beautiful 

Best Book Discussion Post

Best Blog Design/Layout
 As well as:  Jess@ Gone with Words

Best Random Category:  (Giveaways)

7-8 A.M. 
Mini Challenge #2! This is your second opportunity to win something from us! For this challenge, we ask that you get deep and poetic (or not-so-deep but still poetic!) This is how the challenge will work: Grab some of your favorite books (it can be any amount) and make up a poem with the titles alone! That’s right people, we are doing some book spine poetry. 

Here is my book spine poem.  I tried to add as many books as I could for this one.  It doesn't make sense but it poetry!  LOL!
  So here is what it says...
Can you keep a secret?
Here I go again
Across the universe
A different Sun
Under the never sky
For one more day
-Alysia :)

12 P.M.-1 P.M.
Mini Challenge #3! For this mini-challenge, we are going to ask you to pump up the music with a book playlist post! Book playlists can be done in any number of ways. First, they can be made up using Spotify, YouTube, or just a list of song titles on your blog. Second, they can be one you made up for a certain book, one you made up for A LOT of certain books, or it can be one that an author made up for their book that you happen to be a fan of. 
 I am currently reading/listening to The Shoemaker's Wife by

4-5 P.M. 
Mini Challenge #4! Write a letter to your blogging self and post it on your blog at 4 P.M. For the blogging oldies, you can write about whatever you’d like - advice you would give your younger self, things you would tell yourself to stop doing, things you’d tell yourself to continue doing, or things you’d tell yourself to start doing. If you're a newbie blogger, your directions are a little different. Write a letter to yourself in the future. Talk about the stuff you like so far and what you hope to accomplish in the future. 
Good afternoon Alysia ~
  I know right now you are having a little reader burn out and trust me you will get over it.  It will pass!  
So let's talk about this blog.  I love the blog still!  And I love the fact that you are starting to post about pocketbooks more this year.  So here is the deal.  You started this blog to talk about the books you are reading, to enter giveaways, and to do a few reading challenges.  Then you got off track with book blast, book tours and too many giveaway hops.  You lost your focus.  Whatever you do don't lose your focus!  This book blog is about the books you read.  Don't get caught up in the hype of the books the other bloggers are reading and talking about.  
Don't focus on getting followers, readers and getting comments on every single post.  Enjoy blogging about the books you have.   
Still love the blog!  Always will!
P.S.   By the way, Girl you are looking HOT!  Keep us the work-outs!  You'll hit your goal real soon.

8-9 P.M. 
Mini Challenge #5! It's relatively simple, this challenge. All you have to do is share about your top blogging moments so far! It can be the events you’ve gone to, the reviews you’ve written, the connections you’ve made because of blogging, or whatever else comes to mind.
I have to say attending SCIBA Author's Fest and Award Dinner last year (October 20, 2012) was amazing.  Here is the post about the event.  I got so many signed books.  Met so many new authors, publishers and book sellers.  Ate some great food (even the coffee was great) and all of that was on THE QUEEN MARY!  (Rumor has it, the ship is haunted)
I love the Queen Mary because of the 1920 art deco decor and the history of the ship all mixed into one.  I didn't take a million pics like I wanted to cause I was so caught up in the moment.  It was a great night.  It was like a mini-BEA (which I just got my plane tix for) and I am really looking forward to attending again next year.  I think I will be more prepared with better shoes and I think I am going to invest in a good rolling bag so I can easily get my book haul to the car. 

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