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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Color of 2013

Every year Pantone (the universe of color and naming color) names the color of the year.  This years color is perfect on everything and one of my all time favorites.  My first car was this color.  An Emerald Green Mazad Protege and I named her Dorthy.  Get it!  Emerald City!  Oz!  Dorthy!  
Now that they have announced the color of the year, trust me, you will see it every where.  Furniture designers, costume designers and mostly everyone with the title of DESIGNER will have new and of course cute products out in this color.

Check out my Emerald City Pinterest Board

Let me know what you think of this color for 2013. Do you think Pantone made a good pick? What are some of your favorite colors? 

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