My Little Pocketbooks: Stacking the Shelves #15   

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #15

  Hosted & created by Tynga's Reviews This post is my weekly update about the shiny new books I have bought (I know I need to stop buying them), won (I love to enter giveaways) or received from authors or others.  As well as purses I buy or receive, of course!   Click the photo to go to or to read more about the books or to purchase a copy.
The owners of the store get a ton of ARC's every single month.  When I made my weekly, bi-weekly stop over there the owner (James) offered this ARC to me.  I thought about the millions of books I have to read and still I took it.  I mean I can't say "NO!" to a Free book.  I mean...Would you?  Ok then!
From the publisher
I got this in the mail yesterday.  It is so big that it counts as a book.

What new and shinny books did you get this week?

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