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Friday, August 3, 2012

Help! Help! Help!
More or less you have noticed a lot of changes going on at my book clubs blog Mocha Girls Read.  We have been updating and trying to get things in order.  Now that I can safely say, 70% of the to do list is Done!  It is time for me to ask for help.  So here is what I had in mind for the Mocha Girls Read Team.

Team Members Wanted

Giveaway Patrol - It would be great to have someone(s) to schedule, line up prizes, and promote giveaways on this site.  There are so many great authors out there will to donate their books for our giveaway.  We will send you the information about these authors and you can schedule the giveaways.  Number of post depends on the giveaway patrol.
Book of the Month Read-A-Long Host - This is for all the bloggers out there.  Host a read-a-log on your site and promote it here for our Book of the Month selections.  You can pick the dates and pace. Post would go up every Saturday.  4-5 times a month.
Author on the Spotlight Host - We are going to promote one author a month on our blog.  If I could find someone to manage the Author in the Spotlight post.  And example would be every Tuesday and Friday the author can do a guest posts, interview, book excerpt, book promo, character interview, or online meet and greet, casting couch and anything else the host feels fits.  There will be a minimum of 8 post a month.
Events Promoter - Along with the bookish events that are going on, Mocha Girls Read has a few events we would like to have promoted on this site.  Post events up twice a month.
Meme Mama - I would love to have someone post a weekly meme here on Mocha Girls Read.  You pick it!
Blogger in the Spotlight Manger - It would amazing to have someone pick, mange and post a new Mocha Girl Book Blogger every month.  Just one post.  One blogger a month.
Facebook and/or Twitter Host - I would love, love to have someone promote a book club meeting and author Twitter/Facebook party.  Pick a date and have some fun on our Facebook/Twitter pages with readers about the book of the month.

If any of these positions sound interesting to you, please email me at  I am open to adjusting any and all the positions above to fit your schedule.  Thanks everyone!

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