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Friday, August 31, 2012

August Winners!

It's that time of the month.  No not that time of the month!  LOL!  It's the last day of the month and here at My Little Pocketbooks that means it's time to announce the winners of all the giveaways.  With all the giveaways starting and stopping it's soo much easier to just do one winner post a month.  Just saving a few step.  Let me say a big THANK YOU to all you for stopping by, commenting, following and entering the giveaways!  
So now on to the August winners.  There were a total of 13 giveaways this month and 44 winners.  Congratulations goes out to a ton of people... 
 #2057 Cassie H. is the winner of
won a Chanel Handbag

 #568 Brunette L., #17 Erin F, #514 Hildie F., #204 Christine F., #304 Mihaela D. are the winners of
 they all won e-copies of Carny

Melissa, Pat, Rebecca C., Jenn, Kelly C, Maria D, Marika W, Misha, Tia, and Victoria Z are the winners of
all won e-copies of Circe 
#2 Sidne and #68 Angelia C. are the winners of
3 titles from my bookshelf plus swag

#183 Katie is the winner of
won a signed copy of Destiny Unveiled and swag

 #321 Heidi P. and #272 Felicia are the winners of
won a copy of Arson and a $25 Amazon Gift Card
#46431 Kah C. is the winner of 
won a $100 Amazon Gift Card 
#332 Elizabeth is the winner of 
won a free month of 
Sue B is the winner of
won an e-copy of the book

#101 Amanda M. is the winner of
Blood of Anteros Giveaway
  won a copy of the book

#132435 Jen H., #33217 Julie L., #67380 Maria E., #136990 Meg T., #132673 Aria H. are the winners of
Bagluxe Giveaway
they won a bagluxe handbag

Anita Y is the winner of
The Winemaker's Diner Giveaway
won one of three e-books

 #115 Heather B.,  #29 Lisa A., #2 Fiery N.,  #272 Wendy R., #330 Alicia0605,  #51 Danielle B.,  #37 Lisa C., #220 Audra H.,  #245 Ellen L.,  #33 Crystal B., #205 Nurmawati D., and  #280 Lizzy L. are the winners of
Blood Jewel Giveaway
they will get an e-copy of Blood Jewel

 Winner will be announced next week.
Whew!  August was full of giveaways and don't worry if you didn't win anything this month I have 4 (right now)  more giveaways planned for September.  Tomorrow starts the 2nd This Blog is leaning House giveaway and I will be having two winners again.  Check out the upper right hand side of the blog for all the giveaways going on during the month.
Congratulations to all the August winners!  Whoot!  Whoot!

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