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Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Black Geisha

Black Geisha
Author: Rachel Blaze
Genre:  Erotic Fiction
Paperback: 156 pages
Release Date: May 4, 2010
Source:  Provided free by the author  
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Book Description
Julie Flowers is lying in a hospital bed with two police officers standing over her asking questions. She'd answer, only her mouth is wired shut and she doesn't know why.
Black Geisha is a novel based on a true story about a girl's sexual journey that leads her through times that are fun and exciting, scary and poignant. After being molested by her neighbor at the delicate age of seven, Julie Flowers' father cruelly rejects her, and enlists family and friends to follow suit. Not in absolute isolation, Julie is able to seek refuge in her mother, but the two are slowly growing apart. Though Julie begins her journey as a devout Jehovah's Witness, events in her life lead her to the point of losing religion and seeking fulfillment by other means. After living the life of a free-spirited college student, Julie Flowers finds herself educated, well rounded, and broke. Smart, sophisticated, and sassy, Julie learns that sex sells. Discovering a lucrative realm of existence that is kept in the shadows, Julie becomes a sex party hostess, catering to couples who indulge in the art of swinging. Unfortunately, Julie enters a tumultuous time where one drawback after another makes her realize that she may be in over her head. As her life starts crashing down, Julie tries to escape the madness by moving to Los Angeles to salvage what's left.
Black Geisha possesses many secrets. Through Julie's eyes, we experience the ups and downs, the loves and losses, and her understanding of survival as she embarks on the roller coaster of her life.
Rachel Blaze grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She credits her love for learning and teaching to her public school education. An avid reader, writer, and children lover, she dreamed of being a writer and teacher since kindergarten. Blaze acknowledges her large family for her work ethic, determination, and perseverance. Although her passion is children's books, Blaze's first piece is an erotica novel, based partially on her life. Since its completion, Rachel is following a more spiritual path. She feels blessed for her God-given talents and abilities and is grateful that Spirit works through, in, and as her. Rachel is an educator and motivational speaker, with a strong focus on students with special needs. Rachel holds a BA in Sociology from Alfred University and an MS in Education from Brooklyn College. After the death of her father in 2005, Rachel moved to Los Angeles, where she currently lives.
I received a copy of this book when I purchased a copy for a book club giveaway.  The author was very nice and gave me a signed copy with a music CD to go with the book.  After my last book a short quick read was so in need.  And this one was just that at 156 pages.
The story was a bit shocking and in the same vain as my last read.  The sex in this book was all over the place.  The main character went form Childhood Molestation to High School Sex to Liberated Sexual Women to Sex Party Hostess to Rape. All of these transformations she went through where interesting to read.
Overall the book felt like an outline for a book.  The pace was crazy fast and only a few areas in the book had enough detail.  The details that were there were really interesting and had me wanting more.  The overall writing style was lacking with a lot of short incomplete sentences and not enough descriptive words.  (Much like my review writing)  I would love for this story to be developed and completely re-written with more of everything.
This is the authors first book and I think she has a great and interesting idea (outline).  The book was a quick read with interesting characters.  I hope the author plans on writing a part two because the book ended at a really interesting part.
I would recommend this book to adults only due to the sexual content and language.
This book is number 8 in my POC Reading Challenge
This book is number 29 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge

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