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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I Love Wednesday #12

Alexis from Reflections of a Bookaholic started a Wednesday Meme called Why I Love Wednesday. Hop on over to Alexis' blog and join in the fun.
The topic this Wednesday is..."First Meet" Scene

 This was a hard one for me.  I had a hard time thinking about the first time a character was introduced or that two characters meet for the first time.  Let's see...I think the first time Peeta and Katniss met was really interesting and so important to the foundation of their relationship.  If you saw the movie you caught a glimpse of Peeta in front of a bakery during a rain storm.  And Katniss was sitting on the ground.  There was a quick shot of Peeta tossing a loaf of bread to some pigs then to her. 
In the book, this first meeting is so much more important to the overall storyline.  I loved that their meeting has so much meaning to the story, to their relationship and to the other Districts.  
What are some of your favorite "First Meet" scenes?

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