My Little Pocketbooks: Bloggiesta Update ~Day 3   

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Update ~Day 3

Good morning everyone!  This is day 3 in my Bloggiesta Fiesta 2012!  I got soo much done yesterday that I treated myself to a pedicure.  The only bad thing was when I got home my motivation to finish the list out died.  
If you haven't heard of Bloggiesta.  The idea behind Bloggiesta is to keep our mascot Pedro  (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize) happy by spending these next three days working on perfecting your blog and connecting with other bloggers doing the same thing.

So here is the list of things I did on Day 1: (of course in no particular order)
1.  Added the FTC policy to the bottom of this blog.
2.  Completed a mini-challenge with Katie's Book Blog (@katiesbookblog) and hooked up my Blogger account to Twitter.
3.  Exported all the files from the Mocha Girls Read site to the new Mocha Girls Read site.  Just trying to figure out how to get the comments into
4.  Updated all the pages on the new Mocha Girls Read site
5.  Updated and fixed all the buttons on the new Mocha Girls Read site 
6.  Completed a mini challenge with Sheila's from Book Journey (@bookjourney).
7.  Found out and let my info on Fyrefly so I can be added to her search.  Thanks to April from Good Books and Good Wine (@booksandwine).  This will be really helpful with the Mocha Girls Read site too.
8.  Joined the Twitter party at #bloggiesta.
9.  Meet (virtually) some great bloggers and reconnected with a few from the past.
  And here is my list of things I did on Day 2:
1.  Completed my weekly post.  (Just need to add the linky's later)
2.  Completed all my reviews for the month of April (this was not on my original list but I was in the groove.  By the way, I only post reviews on Monday so that was only 5 books)
3. Added a copyright to the blog.  (You can see it at the bottom of the page)
4.  Created a blogroll in the side bar. (I decided to use a list instead of buttons so the page will load faster)
5.  Cleaned up the side bar.
6.  Added Mocha Girls Read button to side bar.
7.  Cleaned up my Picasa album for this blog.
8.  Updated my Challenge Page
9.  Updated my old reviews to the new review format.  (There were only 5 of them)
10.  Found a new comment server for the Mocha Girls Read site and installed it.
11.  Tweeted a lot with fellow Bloggers 
12.  Cleaned up my email box for the book club.
Don't you think that deserved a pedicure?  LOL!  I have the big stuff to do today.  The daunting task of launching a site.  But I have a few million things to do before the actual launch.   Like figure out why the search feature isn't working.  I am so nervous.   
How are you doing on your Bloggiesta To Do List?

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