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Saturday, January 28, 2012

SBBG7 Giveaway Winners!

First I’d like to thank all our hosts and everyone who participated to make this event such a success. I hope you join us again next month! A special thanks to our featured authors for this edition too:
RM Sotera
Shannan Albright
Natasha Blackthorne
Lorhainne Eckhart
Catherine Kean
Patricia Preston
Bella Street
Brenda Woody
The Book Giveaway Winners:
6 Books:
Entry #5349Georgia M.
5 Books Each:
Entry #3320Jessie
Entry #164Ashlyn W.
Entry #5269Amy S.
Entry #7092Nancy B.

US $20.00 to
#168: Emma Kesner

US$10 to either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ARe:
#234: Catherine L.
#458: Sherie Morford

US$5.00 to
#396: tammy ramey
#401: June Manning
#167: Georgia Gaudette (Elmo Rulez)
#194: Theresa Janke

Congratulations to all winners! You’ll be contacted via email this week and please reply within 48 hours! If you do not receive an email till Tuesday, please email me.

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